"A Perfect Life"
Brian, a down and out homeless man, walks into a diner and throws the last of his change on the table for a cup of coffee. The waitress looks him over before replying, "If there was one thing you could change about your life, what would it be?" 

Brian imagines his perfect life out loud; the perfect wife, the perfect kids, the two car garage, a white picket fence and even a golden retriever. As he delivers his self-serving wish list, it begins to come true. His perfect wife enters and sits across from him. He is no longer homeless, he is an architect building the perfect fantasy. This is no fantasy however. He has already lived the perfect life and he blew it. Now, he is nothing more then a homeless man telling his story to anyone who will listen.

"A Perfect Life" is many things. It is a cerebral jaunt through a tainted mind. It is also a film about a love so pure, it can only be described as fantasy. Most of all, "A Perfect Life" is a glimpse into that one moment we have all had that defines who we are and where our lives will take us, either for the better or the worse.

Writer/Director: Chad Ruin
Director of Photography: Scott Stone
Starring: Joe Rosati, Ashley Cozine, Scott C. Brown

Currently in distribution through Echelon Studios

*Gold Medal Winner: 
        Park City Film Music Festival

*Audience Choice/Best Film
        Seattle True Independent Film Festival

*Round 2 Honors:
        Austin Heart of Film Screenplay Competition

*PRESS: Eyes In

Trailer music, "Arctic Days" by, China Davis